Fossen camping

Our lovely campsite is situated on the Gullmarsfjord which is a great place for diving.  There are both a sandy shallow beach and a rocky beach. 

Our reception and shop

The reception is open every day. 

Our shop is situated in the reception, and has the same opening hours as the reception. We can offer a small assortment with necessary goods for your stay. Fresh bread for your breakfast can be bought every morning, and we are happy if you make an order the day before. If you miss anything in the shop – please tell us and we will help you.

The tent area

is located along the edge of the sea at the bottom of the campsite. The spaces are not numbered and without electricity. If you want electricity, you can rent a camping plot instead. You can park your car next to the tent. Because of the risk of fire, we ask you to always keep a minimum distance of 4 meters to the next carriage.

In the service building  you’ll find the kitchen. 

Note that it is forbidden to dispose things directly on the ground.

Our kids and pets

Help your children to find suitable places to play on. We have a nice dog beach. Remember to always keep the dog on a leash.  Also remember to pick up after your dog for everyone’s enjoyment.


           +46(0)76 038 2003

Bokenäs Fossen 425

45197 Fossen, Sweden